Carole Shepherd, LCSW-R, LMT, RYT, SEP
Integrative Psychotherapy for Balanced Living

If you are recognizing there are things in your life that you need to address, considering the need for professional help is a good first step towards improvement.

As an experienced clinician, eductor and consultant, I offer a personalized, integrative approach combining both traditional and complementary therapies tailored to meet your specific goals, needs and interests.

Together, we can address your challenges; creating
fresh perspectives, new insights, actionable plans, and viable solutions.


Psychotherapy can help with a wide range of problems. If you are experiencing difficulties with depression, anxiety or stress, pain or physical ailments, problems with relationships, family or career-related issues, psychotherapy can help you learn to manage and overcome obstacles.

I will collaborate with you to help you meet life's challenges with more clarity, resilience and confidence.

Participating in psychotherapy can have many benefits which may include:

  • Reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  • Discovering new perspectives and solutions to problems.
  • Increasing personal and professional effectiveness.
  • Developing skills to improve relationships.
  • Transforming old patterns and beliefs into more adaptive and positive states.
  • Resolving issues that prevent you from living the life you want.


  • Is how you are living, and what you are doing, in concert with the results you say you want?
  • What gets in the way of dealing with life as it is?


  • To invent a future for yourself outside of what you already know, or have experienced?
  • To discover who you are, and take responsibility for who you want to become?
  • To address what stands between you, and who you want to be?
  • To shift from aspiration to actualization?

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"To exist is to change, to change is to mature,
to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly."

-Henri Bergson